Kamado Basic 24″ keraamiline grill


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Kamado Basic ceramic grill is the ideal product for the price-conscious customer who appreciates the charms of a ceramic grill.

The grill can also be used for pizza, bread, pies and cookies. Maybe you can make anything your soul desires. You can use the Kamado grill as a barbecue, oven, toaster, shashlik or smoker.

Thanks to its ceramic body, it is suitable for use all year round, protecting food from the heat in summer and from the cold in winter. You can maintain a constant temperature for a long time with ease.

The hermeticity and easy heat control with air vents also saves many times more heating material than conventional grills. Thanks to its oval shape, air currents are directed in the ideal direction for cooking.



Diameter of grilling area 52cm.
Stainless steel cooking rack;
High quality ceramic thermal insulation;
Authentic folding wooden side tables;
Steel waterproof frame with wheels


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